Turnkey projects & ongoing assistance
for young, growing companies


Full stack development, automated testing, dev/ops, db design, product strategy, and roadmaps.

Design & UX

Branding, redesigns, usability, user testing, and design systems

IT Operations

IT strategy, security audits, PCI and HIPAA compliance


Technology evaluations, financial modeling, P&L management, and fundraising support

JAS and Koba
Our Company
Hi!I'm John Schroeder

I bring decades of software development, digital design, product management, and IT operations experience as a startup founder, corporate executive, and consultant.

You'll work directly with me. I partner with clients remotely and expand the team as needed to bring your projects to life. As startup veterans, our team can relate to the challenges you and your team face.

We will make sure your project is executed on time, on budget, and with world-class quality. You’ll get all the benefits of hiring a full-service development shop, without the hassle or expense.

Need help moving the needle?

Let us be the fulcrum for your next project.
“Give me a lever long enough and
a fulcrum on which to place it,
and I shall move the world.”
- Archimedes